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Every so often, despite your best judgment, you may find yourself susceptible to the classic booty call. Even less surprising is that celebrities are no exception to these carnal, drunken temptations. When Hollywood's most beautiful get together in a room, there's no telling who will go home with whom by the end of the night.

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People rarely find themselves looking at a picture of an objectively attractive celebrity and think, Wow, it must be really hard for you to find a date. But lo and behold: It turns out that Tinder, the dating app that has made it significantly easier for the normals to get som e, has actually posed problems for famous people. Thus, like Facebook and Twitter, Tinder is adopting verification badges to help the famous and the plebes intermingle.

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Many of the celebrity hookups that the world knows about are juicy and sometimes pretty scandalous. But it's the ones you haven't heard about that are really salacious, surprising, and sometimes just straight up silly. Allow us to explain.

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Celebs — they're just like us! Some just like to be a little more outspoken about their sexual escapades, many of which happened on airplanes. Check out these celebrity stories and get ready to start blushing. During a snowboarding weekend with all of the Team 10 members — except for Alissa, since Jake explicitly told her she couldn't go — Alissa shares she hung out with Logan.

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It can be easy to develop a crush on a celebrity with their lavish lifestyles and camera-ready good looks, but for most people, a crush is as far as things get. However, there are some fans who have managed to do a lot more than just meeting and greeting their celebrity idols. One Redditor asked the community to share their high society hookup stories and the responses are full of surprises.

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And paparazzi spied a couple of new buddies last night— Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. What, buddies kiss while they're walking. Oh, not usually?

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Harry Styles! Girl, it is your lucky year! Harry is a down to earth, loyal, sweet, funny guy.

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All us "normals" have to sign in to Tinder via Facebookand it uses our Facebook photos and information to match us up with people. It's not so easy for famous people, though. The new verification program "will allow celebrities to enter Tinder in a different way.

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Show less Many people dream of dating a celebrity. Follow the advice in this article to help meet, attract, and date a celebrity.

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By Rebecca Holman. They can just swipe right like the rest of us. The problem we had before that, you see, was that anyone could upload a picture of a supposed celeb into their Facebook pictures, change their picture on Tinderand hey presto! At least seven women in the country were bound to think it was the profile of an actual celeb.