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Over ten female students have allegedly been expelled from a North Brisbane school after their own naked photos were leaked online without consent. The online site allowed anonymous users to ask for and share explicit content of girls in their area, which was strongly encouraged by others. Thousands of photos were shared under an ordering system of sub-categories; state, suburb, school, the names of individuals even going as far as sharing mobile numbers and home addresses.

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Because of this, more than a thousand young girls have been cyberbullied. According to the investigators, the website contained thousands of names and addresses that were yet to be exploited. However, the prized possession was the naked pictures, either posted there for everyone to see, or traded for other nude images.

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Now the photos are online. A victim of the porn sharing ring wonders if it will take someone taking their life for action to be taken. The man offered her the promise of a modelling contract, before taking her to his home for a photoshoot and eventually making her strip naked to take what he assured her would be tasteful nude shots of her.

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More than 2, sexual images of underage girls and women have been shared by teen boys and young men, on an Australian website. According to News. In some cases, the victims are so eagerly sought after that bounties are attached to a photo theft.

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A shocking investigation by news. Thousands of sexually explicit images of teen girls and young women from more than 70 Australian schools based across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide have been uploaded online. The report reveals that it is a swapping site where users and members upload nude images to access nude images in return.

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More than 2, graphic images of female students have been shared by teen boys on a website that can only be described as disgusting. Over 70 schools in Australia have had sexual images of female students displayed on the site, n ews. Young men use the group to nominate a high school or area they're looking for nudes from, or full names of girls they are "hunting," according to the Australian news organisation.

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The site steals images of social media accounts and posts them asking if anyone has naked photos of the girls — some from Australian high schools in Penrith and Newcastle in New South Wales, Horsham in Victoria and the Gold Coast in Queensland. There are even photos of girls in school uniform. Some are unaware their photos have been taken.

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A website notorious for sharing photos of Australian schoolgirls without their consent has returned to the internet. The site takes images from social media accounts and posts them to the site, and encourages anyone with naked images of those girls to share them. In some of the photos the girls are in school uniform or walking around university, unaware their photo has been taken.

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She's staring at the camera and smiling, little suspecting her picture will soon sit among thousands of explicit images of students being shared and swapped and rated and traded as flippantly as football cards. Some of the images exposed young girls engaged in sexual acts. The majority were nude selfies taken in the privacy of their bathrooms or bedrooms and shared by former partners, without the girls' consent.

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Members of a pornography website targeted dozens of Australian schools so they could view and swap graphic sexual images of female students and other non-consenting women. Those "wins" a colloquial term for nude photos made their way to the forum after users mainly teenage boys nominated a specific high school or region along with the full names of girls they were "hunting. In some cases, users issued bounties for a win.


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